Cash Advances and Loans
Do you need access to immediate capital to help grow your business?


Merchant Cash Advance

A cash advance is a financing solution based on a percentage of a merchant's future daily credit card deposits.

For Example: If you need $10,000, get the money now and 20% of your future credit card deposits will reimburse the advance made to you

Benefits of a Cash Advance Program Include:

  • Immediate access to the cash you need
  • No restrictions on how it is spent
  • No personal guarantee
  • No fixed monthly payments
  • No UCC1 filing

Loan Program

A loan program is ideal for merchants who do not meet the minimums necessary to qualify for the above Cash Advance

Benefits of a Loan Program Include:

  • Potentially less expensive than a standard Cash Advance program
  • Structured with a simple fixed repayment program through a daily ACH
  • Allows merchants with low processing but high gross volumes to get more money than through a Cash Advance program

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