Special Offers

BEST RATE GUARANTEE Terms & Conditions:

This offer is subject to:

A mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement can be signed on merchant request.


Guaranteed proposed savings are calculated based on the merchant's current global rates, which include rates, fees, monthly and annual charges in comparison with Navidor’s proposed global rates which include, rates, fees, monthly and annual charges.


Navidor may propose alternative payment acceptance tools than those currently used by the merchant.


Any savings shown in Navidor’s detailed analysis, regardless of dollar value, nullifies Navidor’s commitment of paying the merchant $200.00.


Actual savings are not guaranteed and may vary from month to month, depending on processing volume, average ticket, and types of cards accepted.


Offer ends on April 30, 2011 and is subject to change without notice. Limit one bonus per business.


Awarding checks will be sent within 90 days from final rate review date.


This guarantee does not apply to high risk merchant types or merchants with poor credit.