Cost-effective international money transfer services.

AFEX pioneered global payments and risk management solutions, providing a personalized approach since 1979. As one of the world’s largest independent global payments specialists, AFEX is a trusted business partner to more than 35,000 corporate and private clients around the world.

AFEX solutions are cost-effective, flexible and strategic, tailored to your business goals and helping to protect your bottom line.

A full portfolio of cost-effective, efficient solutions

  • Competitive exchange rates and reduced fees on international payments to 180 countries.
  • Incoming and outgoing payments.
  • Global banking network ensures secure, rapid delivery of funds in over 100 currencies.
  • Multi-currency holding accounts and cross-currency capability: send, receive and hold different currencies in a single AFEX account.
  • Settlement options include SWIFT for urgent payments, lower-cost local settlement and real-time instant payments within the AFEX network.
  • Market updates and hedging tools to manage FX risk.
  • Licensed and regulated in every jurisdiction where AFEX operates.
  • Access to secure market-leading online platform, AFEXDirect, 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
  • Open your free, no-obligation AFEX account in a day or two. No minimum balance or frequency of trading is required.

Free risk management consultation

Managing foreign exchange exposures is a necessary part of international business.

Every AFEX client has a dedicated FX specialist who takes a proactive approach to helping you manage risk. A resource for market insight and customized hedging and risk management strategies, your Relationship Manager will:

  • Take the time to understand your business and your goals;
  • Evaluate your current processes with a historical trade audit;
  • Ascertain your risk appetite and future FX exposures; and
  • Develop an approach tailored to your goals

With a custom FX risk management strategy, you can diminish your risk and exposure at every level, protecting your bottom line and opening up new opportunities.

For a free risk management consultation, or to learn more about how AFEX’s portfolio of foreign exchange solutions could support your business growth, please get in touch with our team.

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