Accepting USD with a “MERCHANT ACCOUNT” outside the U.S.

If the conditions for a domestic U.S. Merchant Account are not met, or if the application is declined by a U.S. processor, there are alternatives.

Get a European “merchant account

Companies whose headquarters are located in Europe can accept credit cards in almost all currencies through specialized acquirers.

Conditions for opening a “European” Merchant Account :

  • Company incorporated in Europe
  • Accept credit cards remotely (telephone sales, wholesaler, E-Commerce)
  • Signor may be of any nationality
  • Bank account in any country
  • “High risk” merchants may be considered on a case by case basis.

Getting a “merchant account Offshore”

This can be a solution for merchants whose accounts have been declined. These accounts are often more expensive. Riskier accounts can be approved, regardless of the country of incorporation or the nationality of the signor.

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