Gift cards are a proven way not only to increase sales, but also to keep customers coming back!

A gift card is a reusable, stored-value card that enables merchants to have an electronic alternative to paper gift certificates. Our gift cards are composed of high quality PVC formatted to standard credit card size and thickness, which includes a magnetic stripe on the back that contains various card information.

Over the years the gift card concept has proven its worth and overall necessity to retailers of all types. Gift card technology continues to grow and become an important tool and cash flow generator for businesses involved in various types of industries.

Gift Cards are sold to customers for their own use or can be given to family or friends. Cards can be redeemed at store locations just like a credit card and balances can be debited from the card upon purchase.

Cards are swiped through traditional credit card terminals and POS systems and payments are collected by the merchant at the time of sale.

Benefits of Launching a Gift Card Program

  • Increase sales and cash flow for the business
  • Promote impulse purchasing and additional sales
  • Improve brand awareness within the community
  • Provide real time web based tracking and reporting
  • Security features to reduce fraud and duplicate usage
  • Easy reconciliation and reporting systems to save time
  • Fast transactions and ease of use at the point of sale
  • Always know how much money is outstanding and what types of activities were processed
  • Ability to issue gift cards of any dollar denomination
  • Cards can be re-used and recycled through the system
  • You can issue, redeem or check the balance of a instantly through a terminal or an online system
  • Easily assign user privileges for all employees within a location

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