Spend money… and Save on processing fees with PayVus® !

PayVus®, combines credit card acquiring and issuing into one single solution, in order to provide merchants with lower processing (acceptance) fees.

How PayVus® works

With traditional merchant accounts, a merchant’s daily card processing sales are settled to their business checking account.

With PayVus®, merchants are issued a MasterCard World Business Credit Card and a portion of their daily deposits are settled to this “card account” instead.

PayVus® pays a residual revenue share to Navidor, who in return will pass on a portion to the merchant, further reducing the merchant’s processing (acceptance) fees.

Anytime a merchant settles funds to the “card account”, he gets a portion of the processing costs back in cash, thus reducing the merchant’s acceptance fees!

PayVus® Benefits to Merchants

  • By bundling a Merchant Account with spending on a PayVus® Corporate card, the merchant lowers his overall costs.
  • Merchants have access to a line of credit that helps them make important purchases and build the cardholder’s credit history.
  • The more a merchant sells by credit card, the more the merchant deposits to the PayVus® card, the more he saves.
  • PayVus® provides detailed daily, real-time transaction and settlement reports to merchants.